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About us

About us

It started September, 2004. The Wake Up Call, a dream of seeing something new, something that we’ve never seen before.

“God, why doesn´t your body work? What is the problem? Why do I not see your power and miracles in my life?” Those questions we’re the first step into a desperation and brokenness that later led to a new kind of Fire in my life. This is not a Feast, it is a Fast! To pull in a generation that would understand how to actually get to Know our Father and not only know all About Him. He told us to pray and fast for twelve hours, once a month, for ONE year.

This dream was from God and a new foundation started to take form! People that were in bondage were set free. Gifts that were put into young people, I would never think of, was coming fourth. A nation with a heritage from the ancient Vikings, a people that once was breaking new ground has lost it´s faith and pioneering spirit. We became Lukewarm and timid. Like John the Baptist and Elijah, who both prepared the way for a new era.

One Nation with a broken and humble body, and the religious spirit that kept us by our throat is now going to lose it’s grip!

Maybe we can see this happen again..

..This is not a church, it´s a Revolution!